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[14 Aug 2005|10:19pm]


Vikki Presents: Fanfiction.net, The Great Love Poems (aka Let's Make Fun of People Who Think They're Deep!)


 Oh, my love

As the dawn breaks, my thoughts

Turn to you

And I must

Wonder, are you thinking

Of me too?

You gave me

Light, where darkness had been

And much more

Than I could

Ever repay you for

In my life

But I must

End this before it starts

And before

I hurt you

So what happened last time

Won’t again

Hear you me

Please my love, just try to


"Falling For You"

Ever since the day

You showed me your sensitive side,

I have been falling for you.

As the seconds click into minutes,

The minutes to hours,

The hours to days,

I fall more and more in love with you.

But there is a problem.

Oh, why is love always filled with problems?

The dilemma is not that you know I do not exist.

You know me,

Not well, but you know me.

The problem is that you are much older,

Wiser, and cooler than I.

I wish that I was not falling for you,

But I am nonetheless.

Not a day goes by that I do not think of you.

Why does it hurt when I ruminate about you,

Like thousands of sharp daggers piercing my skin?

My dreams are nothing more than a fantasy

As I think of the two of us together.

I know that it can never be,

And wish that I were not, how I wish I had never,

Fallen for you.

"Just a Friend"

It wasn't meant to hurt this much..

I wasn't meant to actually care!

I wasn't supposed to find my heart broken

When it all went wrong!

You still talk to me with a smile.

You still are sad when I don't speak to you.

Can't you see that just makes it worse!

I loved you in a way coz you made me smile.

All he ever did was make me cry

And now he never talks.

It affects me underneath this exterior

But no-one sees.

You however hurt me with a smile now

Coz before that you said you loved me.

(Saying those things I never got round

To pushing away my feelings.)

And now I'm just a friend.


Ah, l'amour...it's the favorite subject of every angsty, cliche teenager, dontchaknow.


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